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LDA Mentorship Scheme:

Mentorship is one of the essence from British traditional educational system. In Oxford and Cambridge, mentorship effectively impact students many ways in their personal and career development. The essence is the irreplaceable close relationship between mentor and mentee.

Our LDA masters and career advisor will guide students a professional way of thinking, and strategically assist them with career development through their wealthy experiences and networks. They will give mentee a profound insight of what is the current landscape of the industry, and how they are going to be master of it. 



LDA Apprenticeship Scheme:

LDA provide students apprenticeship scheme, which covers wide range of  creative industries including jewelry, fashion, architecture, interior design and so on, from production, marketing to retail. Students have opportunities to develop their professional skillsets and gain fruitful insight from the industry, which is ideal for graduates, kick-starters, as well as  individuals who are looking to continue learning within industry.

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