LDA Diploma Course - Creative Entrepreneurship 

The Business Course for Creative Entrepreneurs is a practical, pragmatic, experiential, ‘learning by doing’, business course. It is designed specifically for talented, skilled, creative entrepreneurs who are seeking expert tuition, mentoring and support to move them to the next level of starting or developing their commercial potential.

During the 12-week course, experienced tutors and mentors will offer practical advice and guidance, personalised to each student. Students will be supported in developing their own ideas, encouraged to expand their scope and advised and guided by experienced mentors who have a huge amount of knowledge and experience to share in business and craft. The Business Course for Creative Entrepreneurs has been developed to support artisans from all sectors to develop their ideas and skills into a commercially viable business.



• Final year craft graduates

• Recent graduates of Craft Colleges

• New starters with skills but little business experience

• Hobbyists who want to turn professional

• Those starting second careers

• New businesses who need help in growing




• Introduction - Entrepreneurial management (making creativity pay)

• Marketing & Sales

• Finance

• Registering and Defending Intellectual Property

• Professional practice

• Manufacturing systems

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram


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