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LDA is looking for portfolio coaching and training tutors!


Tutors need to guide students to complete portfolio creation, including but not limited to creative thinking training, improvement of design skills and presentation techniques; assessment of student’s works, arrange and develop curriculums plans; active participation in instructor training; careful preparation of lessons and  submit after-class teaching records and feedbacks; regularly report back to the LDA; cooperate with LDA course development team to improve product lines. Tutors need to support students to achieve ultimate goals of successful applying university by professionally delivering portfolio presentation.

You are expected to:


- Graduated from a well-known arts and design universities.

- Study or engage in arts and design subjects, such as architectural design, landscape design, interior design, fashion design, jewellery design, industrial design, visual communication, animation design, product design, photography, fine arts, design management.

- Great skills and capacity of training and monitor students by your own hand.

- Passionate for arts and design education industry

- Winners of national or international competitions are preferred

- Outstanding academic research experience is preferred

- Teaching experiences are preferred

- Independent designer who has working experience on a design project or a training project is preferred

Payment: Competitive

Please send your CV and Portfolio to Mr. Refan:

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