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These series of talks that happen online are made to share, connect, and discover with the people in the creative industry.  We will talk about cross cultural education and business. With LDA’s deep roots and broad network in both the east and the west, these talks attract many designers, artists, and cultural institutions. From the masters in their craft to students, these conversations will inspire anyone who attends.


Past Webinars

Jewellery Session:

In a post-pandemic era, how can Jewellery Education be better integrated with the industry?


LDA discusses with Peter Taylor Director of Goldsmiths Centre, Professor Shirely Zhang, Director of International Coloured Gemstone Association, professor at National Gemstone Testing Center, and Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology & Professor Sun Zhongming, Dean and former Vice Dean of School of Jewellery, Gemmological Institute China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). Gems&Jewelry Trade Association of China (GAC).

Craftsmanship and Scholar Session:

How to develop the sustainability of national crafts?


LDA converses with Peter Ting Trustee of QEST and ceramics designer and Victor Li of Moms Handworks to discuss the future of traditional crafts and how technology can help or transform specific mediums.

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