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London Design Academy (LDA) is an international accelerator for creative industry, providing sustainable solutions to trades, universities and enterprises. LDA is located in London and holds a humanistic vision upon the world. We firmly believe that the great arts and cultural institutions in the world carry important missions to cultivate and inspire creative talents and create humanistic value. The responsibility and mission of LDA is to integrate global creative resources and empower those great enterprises and institutions.

LDA has worked with thirty-four organisations worldwide. We currently focus on four main sectors in the creative industry: education, creative business incubator, research & consultancy, cultural exchange activities. LDA has now merged a number of collaborations across trade bodies, universities, and enterprises, covering subjects including: jewellery, craftsmanship, fashion, product design, interior design, UX/UI design, digital design and more. 

We unite with world-class experts, scholars and institutions of higher learning to bring advanced education systems, teaching methods, professional technologies and practical content to major universities, enterprises and institutions. We thoroughly solve the problems of creative industry facing the current social and economic changes. We put your customers at the centre of it all - help you with better recruitments, attract outstanding talents, and create international-level high-quality content. We are truly and efficiently dedicate to the development of creative and design industry. 

Why LDA?

International solutions brought to you

1. Integrate global creative resources: We are an excellent international educational research and development team located in London, the creative capital, is working step by step with you.

4. Digitalisation and Popularisation: We pioneered the online methodology of bringing in our resources and exporting them according to customers’ needs. LDA is here to help popularise your organisation or brand faster and better.

2. Customised problem solving and value generation: We know our success does not only come from our competitive resources but also our careful thinking from an organisational perspective. We listen to your issues and challenges and customise the planning systems and structures which strategically target the real problems.

5. People-oriented:We believe that creative industry should be designed for humanity, a sustainable business should be served for the goodness of people. By this, we help our partners attracts outstanding talents.   

3. High quality content: LDA guarantee high quality service and product content. We aim to help our customers reduce at least 60% of the investment in incubator system projects.

6. Combine Market demand with organisations’ sustainable development: We start from working on the perspectives of creative talent enrolment, product content, internationalise brand identity and support the brand having a sustainable future. (As shown in the figure above.)


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