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London Design Academy (LDA) is an international accelerator for creative industry, providing sustainable solutions to trades, universities and enterprises. LDA is located in London and holds a humanistic vision upon the world. We firmly believe that the great arts and cultural institutions in the world carry important missions to cultivate and inspire creative talents and create humanistic value.  The responsibility and mission of LDA is to integrate global creative resources and empower those great enterprises and institutions.



East West Dialogue

One World One Dream 

What We Do & What Problem We Solve

Education: We understand creative talents are the core for the creative industry. Its development and requirements are both linear. London Design Academy (LDA) specifically value the education sector. As an innovative institution, we recognised the fact that most of the traditional education systems are periodical and straightforward, conversely modern society is multidimensional. Therefore, LDA aims to help our partners build more connections with different industries and societies by providing considerable international mentoring resources.

Incubator: The system has a sharp focus on institutional projects for creative entrepreneurs and future leaders in the industry. It includes visiting relevant organisations, offering mentorships, building specific business identities with its own value system, forging partnerships with good communication and more.

Research & Consultancy: Every project that LDA initiates and participates in are conducted on a sustainable basis with a constant exploring and investigating attitude. We also provide consultation services that ensure the project has a sustainable future, we help our partners to allocate issues, provide solutions, and take advantage of their strengths.

Cultural Exchange Activities: Since the beginning of our business, LDA has always been dedicated to participating and organising cultural exchange activities in Europe and China. We treasure every chance and opportunity to reach out for partnerships,  for example: “East West Dialogue: One World One Dream”, we successfully collaborated with China Fashion Week, British Fashion Council, Goldsmith Centre, the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) and countless more organisations.


We will use our expertise to ensure our clients' specific needs are met through assessment, planning and execution. Every client is like a puzzle with several gaps and we are here to provide the pieces that fit. LDA provides high quality content and ensure all the partners to save at least 60% of the investment in projects like our creative business incubator. Our resources can be transferred online so we can remain adaptable for clients, reaching anywhere and in necessary capacity. Talented individuals are the most important resource in business, even more so in creative sectors, and because of this we place emphasis on talent selection to help your organisation shine. Let us guide you along a sustainable development path in order to secure a stable and successful future.

Integrate Global

Creative Resources

Customised Problem Solving

and Value Generation

High Quality Content

Digitisation and



Combine Market Demand with Organisations' Sustainable Development

New Ecosystem

Focus on the long-term development of students:

- Professional improvement

- Career Development

- Internship & job search

- Tutorial system



- Mentorship

- Course development

- Master line



- Overseas University Certificate - Diploma Program

- Joining Venture
- Art Tour
- Artist in Residence Project

- Curation & Forum

- International Incubator

LDA is inspiring to create a long-term ecosystem for your colleges and institutions, where students, experts, and institutions can develop and provide support for the development of the global design and creative industry.

Our Specialties

Fine Arts: Painting and Drawing
Jewelry Design
and Craftsmanship
UX/UI Design

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