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London Design Academy (LDA) is an  ecological platform providing international solutions to art and design education. It is located in London and holds humanistic version upon the world. We firmly believe that the great art and design institutions in the world carry important missions of cultivating and inspiring creative talents and creating humanistic value. The responsibility and mission of LDA is to integrate global creative resources and empower these great art schools, enterprises and institutions.

East & West Dialogue

One World One Dream - Webinar Series

Core Difficulties in Arts Education:

The development and needs of students go beyond the classroom because society is multidimensional and complex. Many traditional education systems and training are staged and single-dimensional. Especially in the field of art and design, cultivating talents not only requires abundant teachers and a strong foundation, but it also needs to efficiently and quickly help students, colleges, enterprises and institutions meet the challenges of today's world.

We start from your most fundamental core needs and help you solve: enrollment issues, product content issues, and internationalization issues.

We are here to help you make your education fit the ever changing world!


Current professional education is one-dimensional whilst society is multi-dimensional. It is important to pay attention to body, will, emotional intelligence, self-learning, and self-discipline. Due to the limitation of a graduates’ employability, the high cost of employers’ training, and social recruitment. The derailment of academic education and industrial demand- to say the least- is disconnected. How do we balance the relationship between art creation and the commercial market after graduation? The transition is stark. Many students find themselves faced with the harsh reality of working life where mistakes are costly. Where the lessons taught in school were not versatile enough for practical application. It is difficult to find a suitable employer after this serious disconnection.

Integrate global

creative resources

Customized problem solving

and value landing

High-quality content

Digitization and



Combine market demand with the long-term dimensions of institutional development

New Ecosystem

Focus on the long-term development of students:

- Professional improvement

- Career Development

- Internship & job search

- Tutorial system



- Mentorship

- Course development

- Master line



- Overseas University Certificate - Diploma Program

- Joining Venture
- Art Tour
- Artist in Residence Project

- Curation & Forum

- International Incubator

LDA is inspiring to create a long-term ecosystem for your colleges and institutions, where students, experts, and institutions can develop and provide support for the development of the global design and creative industry.

Our Specialties

Fine Arts: Painting and Drawing
Jewelry Design
and Craftsmanship
UX/UI Design

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